Astrology has the potential to help you understand more about what makes you unique. When combined with creativity, movement, and play, you will get more of a felt sense of what it means to be in co-creation mode with the universe.

"The course was truly epic and it answered a lot of questions about myself and my inner soul journey. The creative and movement practices were so powerful and really brought out my playful artistic side. 

I absolutely loved it!."

- Jen Baucom

Hi, I’m Toni

I’m a self-proclaimed self-discovery junkie and I have a love for astrology and radical self-care. 

Are you curious to know what your astrology chart has to reveal about you? Are you tired of feeling like a Universe Puppet, constantly being taken down by the “energies” that are out there?

Here’s the deal. You are not a Universe Puppet. You have choice and agency. 

For the past 20 years I’ve been guiding people to embrace the Mystery of this life and learn to read and trust the signs they’ve been given so they can navigate and create their lives intentionally. I hope you’ll consider joining me for a course or two!